SustainableScoop is in the process of recruiting contributors to our media site who wish to participate in guiding the programs, news, editorial and educational efforts provided on our platform. In fulfilling the mission of the SustainableScoop, members of the Editorial Board will inspire others who wish to spread awareness on issues relating to sustainability. An invitation to participate comes with a high level of trust.

This opportunity is afforded to young people who have demonstrated a concern for environmental and social sustainability. They set priorities, provide updates, and respond to requests for comment made to SustainableScoop.

What will you contribute to?

Members of the editorial board will contribute content to our organization, including:

  • Video Content

    Video content that will be posted to the website and YouTube channel. See our latest videos here: Don't forget to subscribe!

  • Blog

    Blog posts discussing the latest news in Sustainability, where people can share and discuss their ideas! View our blog here:

  • Newsletter

    The SustainableScoop newsletter, which will be sent out to our email list. Coming soon!

Text & media


  • Each member will contribute monthly to the SustainableScoop website newsletter. The assignment will be found on our website. 
  • Every member will need to conduct one interview per year. That interview will be submitted by way of print or broadcast.  
  • Members of the SSEB must agree to serve one year and may not serve more than three years. The most experienced Editorial Board members will participate as interns and employees within the organization as positions become available.   
  • Biannually, the editorial board will convene face to face to work on the central theme (public service announcement) to be presented to the executive committee.    

 Commitment to Inclusion  

  • SustainableScoop is concerned with offering a diverse student perspective on the mission, vision, and execution of its platform. Our democratic system is rooted in the belief that all citizens affected by a system should have a say in it. By providing a space that young leaders fundamentally design, SustainableScoop ensures a chance for all minors to access civil discussion and support best practices. Our platform offers an influence from the next generation to business, government, and community leaders today. 

  • Members agree to be inclusive, welcoming supportive and kind. All will work together on the common goal of promoting sustainable and equitable practices. The Editorial Board, SustainableScoop staff, and its contributors will focus particular attention on issues of importance to teens, including sensitive social problems related to equity, liberty, and mental health, to name a few.  
  • The SustainableScoop hopes you will commit to sharing your talent and skills. Thank you for considering a position on the Editorial Board! 


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